The Randolph Housing Authority, the Awarding Authority, invites written quotes from Contractors for the McCauley Murray 667-3 Development for the Randolph Housing Authority in Randolph, Massachusetts, in
accordance with the documents prepared by the Southeast Regional Capital Assistance Team (RCAT).

The Project consists of: Removal of existing asphalt shingle roofing system and replacement with architectural asphalt shingle roofing system.

The work is estimated to cost $ 14,500.

Quotes are subject to M.G.L. c.149 §44A (2)(B) & to state prevailing wage rates as required by M.G.L. c.149 §§26 to 27H inclusive.

Written Quotes will be received until 10:00 a.m., Thursday, June 27, 2019.

This project is being Electronically Bid (E-Bid). All quotes shall be prepared and submitted online at and received no later than the date & time specified above. Hard copy quotes will not be accepted by the Awarding Authority. For E-Bid Tutorial and Instructions, download the Supplemental Instructions To Bidders for Electronic Bid Projects from For assistance, contact Projectdog, Inc. at (978) 499-9014.

Contract Documents will be available online and for purchase at on Wednesday, June 12,2019, Project Code 832948.

There is a plan deposit of $25.00 per set (maximum of 2 sets) payable to Projectdog, Inc. and must be a certified or cashier’s check. This deposit will be refunded for up to two sets upon return of the sets in good condition within ten (10) days of receipt of quotes. Otherwise the deposit shall be the property of Projectdog, Inc. Contractors requesting Contract Documents to be mailed to them shall include a separate check for $35.00
per set, payable to Projectdog, Inc., to cover mail handling costs.

There will be a pre-bid conference on site at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 19,2019. Meet at 1 DeCelle Drive, Randolph.

Attendance at the above referenced conference time is preferred and strongly recommended. In the event that a bidder is unable to attend the above referenced time, he or she may contact Molly Parris at and we will attempt to accommodate an alternative appointment.

All questions and requests for interpretation must be submitted in writing to no later than 3:00 p.m. on June 21,2019. Questions and requests for interpretation may be responded to via
addendum, as determined by the RCAT.

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